Camping Recipes

Camping is something that should be looked at as a very enjoyable experience for all. Although it is tough for some people to fully unplug and stay away from technology for a few days, one of the best ways to bring everyone together is to enjoy some common camping meals.

What are some outback camping recipes to try out? The key is to always keep things as simple as possible. There are limited ingredients when camping, but sometimes that is the beauty of being outside.

One of the first camping recipes that come to mind for any person out there is of course s’mores. Everyone enjoys making these simple desserts, and it is a bonding experience for a lot of people. All it takes is graham crackers, chocolate bars, and marshmallows. Roast the marshmallows over a fire, or even make them indoors if there is no fire available during camp.

Before diving into dessert, think about some simple meals to eat as well. Scrambled eggs are easy to make at home, so of course, they are easy to make on the campground as well. All a person needs is eggs, water and butter to get started. Add some cheese or other toppings to make them a little more creative.

Ready to try something a little more filling? Pizza really doesn’t take much to create while camping. A premade crust pizza crust is usually recommended, but after that, all that is needed is tomato sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. Pizza can be cooked with a Dutch oven while camping, and that usually comes out extremely tasty as long as it is monitored. Nobody wants to end up burning their pizza.

Remember that things don’t need to be too complicated with recipes on a camping ground. Stick with some basics, and add a little twist for an enjoyable experience.